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Trans Awareness Week 2022

Why Peer Support is a Political Act Every November 13-19 is Trans Awareness Week, an observance to educate about trans issues and commemorate our community’s progress. This year, we are reflecting on the crucial ways that peer-based support and action serve our community. Throughout history, trans folks have supported, protected, and celebrated each other. When we talk about peer support, we are referring to the ways trans folks have watched out for one another. Access to care and support options from other trans folks has always been integral to our collective survival. Connecting with community peers improves trans well-being, reduces isolation, and reduces suicidality. That powerful impact is why we say that peer support is a political act. Together, we have built our own care structures, tools, and spaces in the absence of critical resources. These communal care structures continue to be critical to preventing crises, strengthening our interdependence, and defending trans dignity. Another way that we defend trans dignity is by honoring those we have lost. Trans Awareness Week ends with a community day of mourning known as Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR). TDoR is dedicated to honoring the members of our community who were taken from us by transphobic violence. Overwhelmingly, the siblings we honor on this day are BIPOC trans women—a glaring reminder of the structural racism and misogyny that defines the society we live in, and a reminder that our communal ...

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Am I still non-binary if I don’t want to change how I appear?

Am I still non-binary if I don’t want to change how I appear? How do I know if I'm non-binary? Is it ok to be non-binary while not dysphoric about my current appearance and male presentation? I feel like I should be more androgynous, but that's not how my body is. Your gender doesn’t need to affect your personal appearance or how you feel about your body. Although some non-binary (also called nb or enby) folks choose to dress and/or physically transition to have a more androgynous appearance, that’s not something you HAVE to do. That’s because there’s no single correct way to express any gender identity. For some folks, being non-binary is not something they express through their appearance or behavior—rather, it's a deeply personal and self-reflective experience. So then how do you know you're non-binary? Well, there's no easy answer. It’s important to note that “non-binary” is an umbrella term that refers to A LOT of very different gender identities. But generally speaking, nb folks don't feel like their genders can be easily described as that of a man or a woman—in fact, some nb folks don’t identify with any gender at all. If you feel the same way then it's worth learning about the different non-binary identities out there. And consider talking with other non-binary folks about their gender journeys—it can be helpful to hear the different ways folks realized they ...

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