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Pro Football Hall of Fame Member, Ron Mix, purchased two (2) tickets to the Super Bowl to create an event to benefit the transgender community. Mix said:

“The mistreatment of transgender people is contrary to everything athletics embraces: fair play, equal opportunity and respect and judging people by their character and conduct not by bigoted preconceived perceptions. Family rejection, discrimination and violence cause an estimated 40% of the 1.6 million homeless youth being from the transgender and other LGBQ groups. That horror should be a shock to the conscience of Americans.”

One of the tickets will be auctioned off to benefit Trans Lifeline and Georgia Equality. The winner of the auction will get to eat dinner and watch the Super Bowl LIII with Ron Mix, and will receive a signed Ron Mix jersey at the event.

The seats are located in Section 208, Mezzanine Level, Approximately 20-yard line.

Bid on the ticket to the Super Bowl here - good luck!