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Trans Lifeline in the Media

Twilio grants $3 million to crisis responders

Axios on

Communication tech firm Twilio is announcing $3 million in new grants later on Tuesday, aimed at helping more than two dozen crisis services speed up their response time.

Trans Lifeline, which is receiving its largest-ever grant of $153,000 from Twilio, said that is enough to launch an urgently needed Spanish-language hotline to serve the U.S. and Canada by the end of June. As a result it expects to handle 44% more calls.

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Trans Lifeline: A Dedicated Peer-Support and Crisis Hotline for Members of the Transgender Community in North America

DatingNews on

That’s why, even though a majority of Americans support transgender rights, isolation and identification issues are common in the transgender community. A staggering 40% of those in the transgender population report a suicide attempt at some point in their lives, said Bri Barnett, Trans Lifeline Director of Development and Interim Director of Communications.

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Comedian's death underscores high suicide rate among transgender people

NBC News on

“We have to make sure Daphne’s story is told with the broader context of how trans people are at a greater risk of dying by suicide,” Bri Barnett, the director of development and communications at Trans Lifeline, a hotline and nonprofit organization offering support to trans people in crisis, told NBC News. “At the same time, her experience is unique, too, and her own experiences in the world contributed to this.”

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