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Frequently Asked Questions About Microgrants


What does Microgrants do?
Microgrants offers small grants to trans and gender non-conforming people to get their documents updated with the accurate name and/or gender marker.
What kinds of documents does Microgrants cover?
Currently we offer grants for court order name changes and the publication fees some states and counties require to obtain a name change, passports (including a fee for photos, expedition, and processing fee), driver’s licenses, Tribal IDs and state ID’s. We also offer grants for immigration documents.
Once I fill out an application, what does the process look like?
Once you submit your application, it goes into a database and is assigned to an advocate that volunteers with us. They will be in contact with you to discuss what documents you would like a microgrant for, a little bit about the process, and determine the fees that those documents require. That information gets passed on to the staff who process payments, and you will soon thereafter receive your grant in the payment preference of your choice.
What types of payment methods does Microgrants use?
We are currently able to send along grants in the form of personal checks and PayPal.
What does the application process look like, and what is the wait time?
We are currently working through a very large backlog of applications we received; and in order to fulfill the promises we made to the hundreds of people who have already signed up, we have a specific number of slots open at the beginning of every month for new applications. After that the application is closed until the beginning of the next month.
The wait list currently is looking at around 2 months long.
What kinds of documents does microgrants cover and assist with?
  • Microgrants provides funding for passports, state ID’s, driver’s licenses and court order name changes & the fees associated with them.
  • Microgrants can cover the costs of immigration documents for folks engaging in immigration and federal processes such as: Employment Authorization cards, Permanent Resident Cards, Naturalization Certificates, and Consular Birth Abroad certificates.
  • We are not able to pay for birth certificates at this time due to capacity unless it restricts someone from accessing the documents that we do cover the costs of. Because many individuals no longer reside in the state from which they were born, it becomes complicated when obtaining documents in one state and transferring them to another. Each state is unique and has its own laws and processes that sometimes do not meet specific requirements.
  • We offer support to pay for the documents of and add money to the commissary funds of trans people who are currently incarcerated based on request.
  • We get through our applications in chronological order based on the date that someone applies.
  • Each person is assigned an advocate and will work with that advocate to determine the fees of the documents they need; as well as providing paperwork and forms based on client needs.
  • To address the long wait list, we have built a strong team of new volunteers and interns, and developed new systems for contacting applicants.
  • With the resources that have previously been available to us, it has taken us a while as a new organization to build a foundation to meet the community need.
  • We understand the urgency of these needs; and are working to build coalitions with other organizations who provide similar resources to refer folks who are not able to access us at this time.
  • We thank you for your patience, as we are working with a small team and have had a much higher response rate than we were prepared for.
  • We also offer to cover costs for immigration documents for folks dealing with immigration processes.