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HRT Microgrants & FOLX Health

In 2021, Trans Lifeline teamed up with FOLX Health to provide 100 microgrants for at least one year of free or reduced HRT through our HRT Care Fund. As a result, we raised and distributed more than $100,000 to trans folks across the country who were able to initiate and/or sustain gender-affirming medical care via FOLX HRT services.

It was important to us to partner with a company equally committed to our shared mission to alleviate financial barriers for trans folks through economic redistribution strategies.

Thank you to everyone who gave to support these microgrants!

Gender-Affirming Hair Removal Microgrants

In 2022, Trans Lifeline offered a Gender Affirming Hair Removal microgrant to make it easier for our siblings who experience transmisogyny—and especially those who experience transmigynoir—to access the care they need.

Each microgrant recipient was selected through a lottery system and received $1,500 towards the cost of their permanent hair removal treatment.

2021 Until We’re All Free: Holiday Commissary Fundraiser

THANK YOU! Because of your generous donations to our 2021 Until We’re All Free Holiday Commissary Campaign, we gave $120,000 to help trans people in prison or ICE detention. Our six amazing partners distributed these funds as direct bail or commissary support.

We are grateful for our caring community that believes a world without prisons and cages is possible. We’ll keep working towards that world until we’re all free.

2021 Grantee Organizations

Drawing of two birds perched on a chain link fence, holding a red and pink heart between them.

Hearts On A Wire
Philadelphia, PA

Hearts on a Wire is a grassroots inside/outside prison advocacy organization working to address the needs of transgender people in Pennsylvania’s prisons. We are building a movement for gender self-determination, racial and economic justice, and an end to the policing and imprisoning of our communities.

Abstract drawing of a house roof in blue with a large pink sun rising behind it. Text in black reads: My Sistah's House

My Sistah’s House
Memphis, TN

My Sistah’s House fosters sustainability and security for the most vulnerable of the TLBGQ+ communities in Memphis, TN, providing emergency housing, advocacy, and multipronged resource assistance delivered by and for gender non-conforming people of color, focusing on trans women of color.

Trans-Forming Logo - an abstract drawing of people with their hands raised.

Atlanta, GA

Trans(forming) is an inter-generational, metro Atlanta membership-based organization led by and for Trans, Intersex, Gender non-conforming, and Non-Binary persons, who were wrongfully assigned female at birth. We work to ensure our communities live with dignity, wellness, and connection for liberation.

Logo of the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico - a black triangle with a white stroked arrow and the initial TGRC NM.

Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM

The Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico provides advocacy, education, and direct services in support of transgender, gender nonconforming, nonbinary, and gender variant people and their families throughout the state of New Mexico.

Transcending Women logo - a black circle containing a pink triangle, an abstract drawing of three women of color and white text that says Transcending Women.

Transcending Women
New Orleans, LA

Creating a world where all transgender, gender nonconforming, LGBQ, and cis women have access to the resources that they need to live a healthy, supported life. This space will bring all women together so all of us can thrive.

Transformations logo - the word Trans in light turquoise color, below the word Formation in white over a pink and purple gradient background box.

Kansas City, MS

Transformations is trans women of color led organization focused on capacity building and leadership development among trans communities of color in the Midwest region.