Individual smiling in field

Kanoa Arteaga, Microgrants Program Director

Kanoa Arteaga (he/they) is a māhū (transmasculine) person born and raised between two islands: Alameda, California and Oahu, Hawai’i. His entry to social justice and movement work is greatly informed by his time spent as an anti-racist and BIPOC-centered community organizer, working in the service industry, and in social work with queer and trans young people in foster care. Kanoa was mentored by queer and trans elders in Texas and the Bay Area who taught him to see that trans liberation is intimately tied to the fight for racial justice, justice for disabled communities and decolonization. When he’s not doting over his fur babies he’s on Duolingo learning a new language, in the kitchen testing out new recipes or generally loving being an Instagram husband™.