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Community-Based Crisis Support

Community-Based Crisis Support Hotlines That Avoid Police Crisis Support Guides Support Groups for Survivors of Forced Treatment Peer Support Orgs & Respites Mental Health Crisis Response via 911 or 311 (not always community-based) Providers and more resources

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Self Care & Emotional Support

Self check-in - How are you right now? Self/Communal Care Pods Navigating Crisis Guide & Sample Advanced Directive - Fireweed Collective Surviving the Apocalypse Together Workbook - Madqueer Learning to love you more - assignments for yourself Mapping our Madness zine, WRAP plan Unpacking self-harm: understanding what it is and why it helps (PDF) – Project LETS Self-care plan Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too Kate Bornstein’s Gender Workbook Guided centering practice Mindfulness for stress & anxiety Guided mediation for restorative sleep CBT-i App (Apple) - Exercises to improve sleep, help with PTSD & anxiety Mind Your Anger resources Anxiety resources Grieving a loss Self-managing OCD Self-care Meditation Pause (Tai Chi App) - Get it for Android or iPhone Self Massage (Shoulder knots) / Self Massage / Self Massage ASMR / Soothing ASMR Self-harm coping strategies Cute animals Rest for Resistance

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