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  • Peer2Peer.Live – opt-in discoverability tool for marginalized streamers and viewers to find each other through robust identity-based tagging a (project of Trans Lifeline)
  • /TransGamers – trans & non-binary gamers Reddit group
  • Transmission Gaming – trans & non-binary Discord gaming community
  • Qweerty Gamers – non-profit organization that champions the inclusion and visibility of TLGBQIA+ gamers
  • The Rainbow Arcade – diverse team of TLGBQIA+ streamers dedicated to providing a fun, positive space on Twitch
  • I Need Diverse Games – a non-profit group providing a space for gamers of color and other marginalized identities
  • Games & Online Harassment Hotline – a free, text message-based, confidential emotional support hotline for the gaming community
  • Tetris – Help for PTSD & anxiety
  • Fantasy Game

The majority of these resources are not affiliated with Trans Lifeline and we can’t guarantee accuracy, services, or products. Community accountability is important, so if there’s something we should know about a resource listed here or if you’d like to recommend a resource, let us know.