The following resources are largely national. Please call the Hotline for support finding local resources. We source trans-verified, trans-led, and BIPOC-led or -centered resources where possible. Have a resource suggestion? Let us know.

Drawing of a calendar
Drawing of a police badge with an entry prohibited icon superimposed
Drawing of a person with a rainbow trail coming out of a door
Drawing of three balloons
Icon of a person standing in front of a lectern
Drawing of a bird flying out of an open cage
Disability icon - shape of a person inside a green circle
Icon of a black with a red heart
Icon of a speech bubble with the letter ES
Icon of a video game controller
Icon of a magnifying glass
Icon of the Earth globe
Icon of an open book
Icon of a curled paper with a red cross
Drawing of a hand holding an identification card
Drawing of a butterfly flying out of a hole in a chainlink fence.
Intersex flag - a golden yellow field, with a purple circle emblem
Drawing of a sheet of paper with the icon of a justice scale
Icon of a clipboard with a checklist
Drawing of a flower with long petals
Drawing of an open lunch box with a sandwich and an apple inside
The non-binary flag - yellow, white, purple, and black lines extend horizontally across the banner.
Drawing of a laptop computer with a skull on the screen
Icon of a phone receiver
Drawing of a hand holding a heart in its palm
Icon of a red umbrella
Icon of a house with little hearts coming out of the chimney
Drawing of a wing on a stand
Drawing of three hands on top of each other
Drawing of two hand intertwined
Trans feminine symbol
Icon of a painting palette with a paintbrush
Trans Masculine Symbol
Drawing of military dog tags
Drawing of a hand holding a wrench
Icon of two children playing with a ball