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  • What Does Non-binary Mean?

What Does “Non-binary” Mean?

What Does "Non-binary" Mean? Although “non-binary” (sometimes shortened to NB or phoneticized as “enby”) is becoming a more commonly used term in the trans community, for a lot of folks it’s still an unfamiliar concept. In order to understand what non-binary means, it is important to know what “binary,” or the gender binary, means. The gender binary is the idea or belief that there are only two sexes, female and male, that directly align with two genders, woman and man. Many in our community understand this belief to be a product of colonization and connected to the transphobic belief that gender is a fixed characteristic that must be based on a certain set of biological traits like genitalia and genes.  Although most people accept and identify with the genders they were assigned at birth, many people do not—the former are cisgender people and the latter are transgender people. Similarly, it’s common for trans folks to identify with a binary gender (trans men and trans women)—but for those of us who don’t see ourselves in this gender binary, we may identify with the term “non-binary”. In other words, a non-binary person is someone who does not identify exclusively or fully as a man or a woman. “Non-binary” is an umbrella term for a variety of different gender identities. Some non-binary folks may identify as both a man and a woman, while others may fall outside ...

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  • Autism Awareness Day 2022

On Being Trans & Autistic

On Being Trans & Autistic Autism Awareness Day Guest Blog by Katy H. April 2, 2022 I was visiting a friend from Tumblr irl (in real life) for the first time and she would not stop talking about tarot cards. Why didn’t she notice that I’d stopped responding at all 10 minutes ago or how I was slumped over like a bored kid in class? When I complained later to a different friend, instead of agreeing with me that it was unforgivably rude, she just said softly, “I try to be patient about stuff like that with my autistic friends.” I was sitting in a workshop about herbal medicine and the presenter talked about being autistic and the different ways he used plant medicine to navigate that. A tincture you could take when you were overwhelmed at the mall? A tea for when words wouldn’t form in your brain? I covered pages of my journal in frantic notes. It was like drinking water when you didn’t realize how thirsty you were. Afterward, I told someone that I thought I might be autistic for the first time. Lots of trans people are autistic, and lots of autistic people are trans. In fact, recent research found that up to 24% of gender-diverse people reported being autistic. Being trans can mean a bunch of different things, and so can being autistic. They are both umbrella terms and ...

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