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Trans Lifeline Staff Break & Services Update

Trans Lifeline Staff Break & Services Update Dear Community: We hope summer has brought you some return to community, joy, and reconnecting after these heavy months. At Trans Lifeline, we are investing in those of us in our community that do the work of caring for each other, because sustainable movements depend on sustainable practices. After a heavy year of supporting our community through the ongoing pandemic, Trans Lifeline’s staff are taking a break in order to counteract burnout, heal secondary trauma, transition the Hotline to a new leadership structure, and intentionally rebuild our systems for the future. Trans Lifeline staff are on break from August 1-22. After that, our services will be under construction and at reduced capacity. We will provide updates throughout this time. For now, here’s what this means for our services: ADMINISTRATIVE: All administrative, fundraising, press, and program inquiries will be responded to after August 23. HOTLINE: Hotline: The Hotline is under construction and operating at significantly reduced capacity starting August 1: Hours: 5pm ET / 2pm PT - 1am ET / 10pm PT, 7 days a week. Here are some ideas for support in the meantime, and we hope to return better than ever. Línea directa en español: La línea estará cerrada en el mes de agostó. A partir de septiembre estaremos abiertos con capacidad reducida hasta nuevo aviso. Nuestro llamadores pueden dejar mensajes de voz solicitando recursos, que se ...

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Introducing our 2021 BIPOC Peer Support Fellows

Introducing our 2021 BIPOC Peer Support Fellows We are very excited to introduce the Hotline’s inaugural BIPOC Peer Support Fellows Program to our community! We created this fellowship to in order to: Increase the number of BIPOC trans & non-binary peer support providers for our community Ensure BIPOC communities are aware of Trans Lifeline’s peer support services Develop the leadership of BIPOC trans people Each fellow was paired BIPOC Trans Lifeline staff member with a passion for training & developing trans and nonbinary peer support providers. Through this mentorship, each fellow has been supporting their community both locally, and on our Hotline. Meet the 2021 cohort: Dahlia Belle (she/her) is a writer, comedian, sometimes model, and accidental activist based in Portland, OR. She has been a frequent contributor to The Portland Mercury, guest on NPR's Think Out Loud, and local news outlets, speaking on a variety of issues affecting Black, transgender, and neurodivergent populations. Dahlia says: “The most inspiring part of my position is getting to support newly out callers as they learn to embrace their truest selves. When I'm not working, I find my greatest happiness falling asleep in my partner's arms. I admire my partner for their emotional insight, passion, and determination.” Jaden Janak (they/he) is a PhD student in Black Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. They are currently working on a dissertation that examines contemporary abolitionist organizations and their theories ...

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  • HRT Microgrants

Everything You Need to Know About HRT Resources, Microgrants, & Needs Self-Assessment

Everything You Need to Know About HRT Resources, Microgrants, and Needs Self-Assessment We believe that trans-affirming health care should be universally accessible, fully covered by insurance companies, with zero out-of-pocket cost to trans people. Until we build that world, we partnered with Folx Health to offer HRT Microgrants for a year’s worth of HRT coverage to 100 trans folks in 2021. Here’s your guide to those grants, how to self-assess if you should apply, and other resources for accessing HRT if you don’t get a grant this time: ABOUT HRT MICROGRANTS: Thanks to our generous partners, we’re able to offer 24 HRT Microgrants each cycle 2021 HRT Microgrant cycles open at 11:00am PT on the following dates: Mar 1 June 1 Sept 1 Dec 1 Everyone in our community who needs trans care deserves it. We don’t have a committee to determine who is more or less deserving, so applications fill up on a first come, first serve basis - with 75% reserved for BIPOC (see our equity policy) Due to our community’s overwhelming need for trans-affirming medical care, the application usually fills up within a few seconds of opening Tip: Consider creating a reminder in your calendar for the upcoming cycles to log on when it opens HOW TO SELF-ASSESS YOUR NEED: HRT Microgrants are intended for people who have no other way of accessing HRT. 75% of grants are reserved for BIPOC trans folks, ...

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  • Peer2Peer Live for Twitch

Trans Broadcasters Launch Peer2Peer.Live, Opt-In Discoverability Tool to Connect Marginalized Users on Twitch

On March 20, Trans Lifeline launched Peer2Peer.Live to fill gaps left by Twitch's lack of identity-based tagging that left minority streamers with limited to no discoverability options on the platform. As the #TransTagNow demands for identity-based tags on Twitch grow, trans organizers Lucia Everblack, Steph Loehr, Sabrina Mack, and Nick Nieves built their own seat at the table -  following Twitch's refusal to create ways for broadcasters to connect with each other. Built by a team of transgender, BIPOC, and Twitch community members living with disabilities, this discoverability tool will be gamechanger for broadcasters and gamers with lived experience in multiple communities who struggle to find and support one another - and content that’s relevant to them - on Twitch.

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