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Trans Lifeline Blog

The Leadership Transition, 2017 Taxes, and How We’re Moving Forward


Dear friends,

This past summer, we sent a letter to our community detailing the departure of our founders. Now that we’ve learned more about the situation and have taken necessary steps to remedy it, we want to update you on the progress we’ve made since then.

In January 2018, the Trans Lifeline Board of Directors launched an internal review into...

Trans Lifeline’s Microgrants Program Has Given Over $200,000 Directly To Trans People


Designed by a volunteer with Trans Lifeline

Today, we are excited to announce that Trans Lifeline’s Microgrants program has reached a huge milestone: In just two years we have given out over $200,000 in Microgrants to our community!

As trans people, we know how important it is for trans people to have identity documents, or IDs, that match their...

Go to Super Bowl LIII on February 3 with Football Hall of Famer Ron Mix


Pro Football Hall of Fame Member, Ron Mix, purchased two (2) tickets to the Super Bowl to create an event to benefit the transgender community. Mix said:

“The mistreatment of transgender people is contrary to everything athletics embraces: fair play, equal opportunity and respect and judging people by their character and conduct not by bigoted preconceived perceptions. Family rejection,...

Supreme Court Temporarily Allows the Trans Military Ban to Proceed; Trans Lifeline Vows to Keep Fighting


To Our Dear Community --

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States voted to allow the Trump administration’s transgender military ban to proceed. Meanwhile, the battle over the constitutionality of the ban itself plays out in lower courts.

This is without question another attack against our people’s right to exist in public space, free from discrimination and harassment. This...

Trans Lifeline Surpasses 20,000 Calls in 2018


Our Hotline operators are absolute champions.

2018 has been rough for so many trans people. But, in a year when our Hotline call volume increased by 25%, our amazing team of staff and volunteer operators -- all of whom are trans themselves -- answered 20,000 calls. And counting.

To those of you who trust us enough to ask for our...

The Holiday Commissary Campaign



Trans Lifeline was built on the radical hope that when we take care of each other, we can move the whole world. That no matter what we’re up against, no matter how long the night, we can get each other through it as a community, so long as we hold each other up. That trans people, our work...

Happy Intersex Awareness Day!


October 26 is Intersex Awareness Day! We wanted to take a moment to honor our entire intersex community.

While most intersex people aren’t trans, many of the issues that our communities face are the same, and our struggles have many of the same origins. Gender and body diversity have existed in the world throughout history, with multiple gender identities and...

We Won't Back Down


To Our Beloved Community,

Yesterday, the New York Times published an article detailing the ways the Trump administration plans to legally redefine sex and gender, starting with our youth. This plan, while not yet officially enacted, would effectively exclude trans and non-binary students from legal protections under Title IX, paving the way for the further erosion of basic civil rights...

October 18 is Spirit Day


On Spirit Day, LGBTQ+ people and allies wear purple to show their support to LGBTQ+ youth. We encourage everyone to wear purple and speak out against bullying. Click here for more information on Spirit Day presented by GLAAD. 

LGBTQ+ students face a range of difficulties being in school. 85.2% of LGBTQ+ students report being verbally harassed at school. More than...

We Believe Trans Survivors


Today’s vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and the weeks of debate leading up to it, have been stark reminders of the ways in which our systems of power can preserve and perpetrate injustice.

For many people with a history of trauma, this week has brought back the grief and pain and anger of the worst moments...