Thank you for your interest in working at Trans Lifeline. We are a fully remote workplace based in San Francisco, CA. We work to make our workplace equitable, accessible, and joyful.

Current Openings

Executive Director

Trans Lifeline seeks an Executive Director to support our mission as a trans-led organization that connects, cares for, and advocates for our trans peers.

  • The Executive Director will report to the Board and be responsible for directing organizational strategy, fundraising, and fostering organizational culture.
  • The ED will lead the organization in building upon its strong foundation of grassroots support as the nation’s only hotline that upholds consent and provides direct emotional and financial assistance to trans individuals in crisis.
  • The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 5 years of experience in senior management, with a background in direct-service crisis intervention, mental health, or social services.
  • This remote position offers a salary range of $127,000-$150,000 plus benefits.
  • The application deadline is April 26, 2024.

This search is being led by NRG Consulting Group. Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

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Equity & Support

Equity is as much an ongoing process as its critical outcomes. Here’s what we’ve structurally put in place and where we have left to improve as an organization:

Hiring Practices

  • We value varied experiences & backgrounds, and ensure that interviewees reflect trans BIPOC communities
  • Our hiring teams for open positions are at least 50% BIPOC and use evaluation rubrics to reduce implicit bias
  • We recognize barriers to employment in our communities, which means:
    • There are no minimum education requirements for any position
    • We do not penalize employment history gaps
    • We consider non-traditional work experiences

Transparent Standard Accommodations

  • Trauma-informed PTO policies
  • Flexible work hours & break schedule to honor life/work balance
  • Standard accommodations are listed for all staff
  • Confidential individual accommodations available upon request 

Employee Support/Benefits

  • 100% employer-paid group health insurance plan for all staff employed at 28+ hrs/week
  • Worker-led BIPOC and white caucuses
  • Remote workplace and flexible work hours
  • Employee retirement benefits

Upcoming Benefits

  • Reduction of weekly hours for full-time salaried employees
  • Internal salary transparency
  • Workplace care support specialist position