Volunteering at Trans Lifeline

As trans people, we believe we are the experts on our own lives. Trans Lifeline developed out of our community’s need—we will always be community operated.

Hundreds of dedicated volunteers make our work possible, bringing trans brilliance to our community every single day. Trans Lifeline Volunteers build nonprofit experience, log required clinical hours, learn the ins & outs of community economic redistribution—and meet incredible trans people across the country.

We would love to have you on our team! See our available positions below.

A non-binary person looking at a cellphone. Credit: The Gender Spectrum Collection.
Credit: The Gender Spectrum Collection.

Volunteer Positions

Office Volunteer

Support us with data entry, database management, video production, social media campaigns, and fundraising.

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Art & design

Several times throughout the year, there are opportunities for animators, designers, video editors, and illustrators.

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Internships with Trans Lifeline offer a chance to connect with our work on a deeper level, and gain valuable skills and educational credits. Currently, internships are unpaid and open to enrolled undergraduate and graduate students.

Internships are not usually listed, but the following departments usually host 1-2 interns at a time:


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Cis Supporters

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Thank you for centering the well-being of trans people! The following opportunities are available to cis supporters:

  • Help us produce live virtual events, streams, and fundraisers
  • Support video production, animation, or design
  • Help with database support & data entry

Contact us if you have any other ideas or would like to get involved!

Volunteer FAQs

What qualifications do I need?

In order to apply for Hotline, Microgrants, and Communications positions, you must live in the US or Canada and be 18+. You’ll need a phone, computer, and internet connection you can use at the same time, and a quiet, private place to take calls (Hotline). Because we offer peer support, Hotline and Microgrants volunteer positions are only open to trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconfrorming identified people.

What kind of commitment is asked of volunteers?

We ask volunteers to commit for at least 3 months as Hotline operators, Microgrants, or admin volunteers.

Are there set hours?

Hours are flexible with your schedule. Hotline operators sign up for specific shifts and must be available for at least one two-hour shift per week.

Can I volunteer for one project instead of an extended commitment?

Volunteers can also commit to working on one project in design, data management, or technology.

I’m not trans, but I’d love to volunteer. What can I do to support?

You can apply to help us produce live virtual events, video production, or help with database support & data entry, fundraising, and more. Reach out to if you’d like to get involved in any of the above!

What is the application process like and how long does it usually take?

Once you submit an application for an opening, You can expect a follow up via email within 2-3 weeks. You may be asked to schedule a short interview. If we do not currently have capacity, we will notify you.

Note: We strive to ensure that BIPOC callers have peer support from BIPOC peers. This can mean increased waiting times for onboarding non-BIPOC hotline operators.

What kind of training will I receive as a volunteer?

No matter what department you’re in, training materials will be made available to you. Volunteer Operators receive 36 hours of self-guided online training with staff support, role-plays, and hop-alongs before you take calls on your own.

Who should I contact if I have any concerns, questions, or issues while volunteering?

Our Volunteer Manager’s main focus is your experience in our community. Contact your staff supervisor or our Volunteer Manager if you have any concerns.

What kind of privacy, safety, and confidentiality policies are in place?

Volunteers in our service departments remain anonymous and confidential to both Hotline callers and Microgrant recipients. Our dashboard sends calls to you directly without showing your number. Should you experience any online harassment or threats because of your affiliation with Trans Lifeline, please contact our Volunteer Manager immediately.

Can I get internship credit at TransLifeline, or fulfill clinical hours on the Hotline?

Depending on your program’s specific requirements, it may be possible. Please contact our Volunteer Manager to discuss your requirements.