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Trans Lifeline provides trans peer support for our community that’s been divested from police since day one. We’re run by and for trans people.


Trans Lifeline connects trans people to the community support and resources we need to survive and thrive.
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We envision a world where trans people have the connection, economic security, and care everyone needs and deserves—free of prisons and police.


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Nearly $1.5 million

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  • Trans Resistance Network

    Growing community defense, mutual-aid, and alternative systems of care for gender diverse people.

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  • ID Change Library – Trans Lifeline

    Living library with federal & county information about name & gender marker changes & ID documents.

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  • A Place for Marsha

    Facilitates safe housing for trans & non-binary individuals leaving U.S. states with transphobic laws. Their goal is to connect trans people aged 18+ with volunteers in safe states who are willing to be their roommates.

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  • Erin’s National Informed Consent Clinics Map

    Erin Reed’s informed consent map lists every informed consent hormone therapy clinic for trans people in the U.S.

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Latest Blog Posts

A Palestinian flag with the text "No Pride in Apartheid" written over the flag in a distressed, bold font. The Trans Lifeline logo appears in the top right corner.

Statement on Palestine

June 28, 2024 We are deeply disturbed and heartbroken by the ongoing bloodshed in Gaza and the suffering of the Palestinian people who live there. As a trans-centered organization, our hearts especially ache for the queer and trans people of Gaza.   The state of Israel is openly engaging in illegal settler colonialism, human rights violations,…

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Warped colorful checkered background with colorful vaporwave accents. Foreground: Trans Lifeline Visibility Streamathon in white text. March 25-31 in black text with a loading bar below.

Press Release: Trans Week of Visibility Streamathon

March 20, 2024 – 12:00PM San Francisco, CA – Today, Trans Lifeline announces its upcoming Trans Week of Visibility Streamathon. Over 75 creators under the Trans umbrella will stream on Twitch in Relay, raising money for Trans Lifeline. The virtual event will occur all week during Trans Week of Visibility, March 25th-31st, 2024, ending on…

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A graphic depicted in a watercolor style. The text reads, An End-of-year Message from Trans Lifeline.

An End-of-year Message from Trans Lifeline

The end-of-year holidays are supposed to be a time when families come together to celebrate joy, create lasting memories, and share the warmth of the festive season. However, for many trans people, spending time with family during this season can evoke feelings of dread. These lasting memories may be tainted by experiences of judgment, rejection,…

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Max (He/Him)
Communications Intern

Max (He/Him)

I was born and raised in Pakistan. Growing up in a conservative Muslim, South-Asian country was terrifying and self-acceptance was an uphill journey. When I moved to Malaysia for university, I found love and support from friends and the local LGBTQI community that changed my life forever. My summer internship at Trans Lifeline showed me the power that peer support and community can have in turning a trans person’s life around.

Lo (They/Them)
Microgrants Volunteer

Lo (They/Them)

I’m a high school therapist, grad student, and volunteer researcher on the Microgrants team. When you apply for a grant, we’ll help you gather everything you’ll need, walk you through the legal process, and get you the money to pay for it. In addition, our team collects and shares information on ID changes for every county in the U.S. I call court houses all over the country, but mostly I deep-dive internet research at 1 a.m. on a Tuesday—my favorite hour of free time! If you like tracking down facts, we’d love to have you on board.

Álvaro (they/them)
Álvaro (they/them)
Hotline Operator

Álvaro (They/Them)

This country has relied on systems like the police to respond because they can’t envision anything past those systems. Our no active rescue policy lets people trust us when they don’t feel comfortable reaching out to other hotlines who involve 911.

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