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Microgrants was founded in November 2016 as the Trans Assistance Project, and merged with Trans Lifeline in 2017.

Trans Lifeline's Microgrants program was created to provide access to funds and peer support for trans and nonbinary people to change our names and gender markers on the federal and state ID documents we need to navigate our world. Our goal was to create a program that made easy to access low-barrier funds through a first-come, first-serve application - no questions asked.

In 2017 we created a free community-supported, continuously updated database to support trans people through the name change process. This resource includes federal, state, and local county information across the country on filing fees and publication requirements for name & gender marker changes.

In 2019 we created the Inside Advocacy project to provide financial aid and support to trans people that are currently incarcerated or recently released in the form of commissary funds, reentry grants, and ID change navigation.

In June of 2020, we restructured our program to prioritize TBIPOC (Trans Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities and dismantle barriers caused by white supremacy. 75% of microgrants available during each application cycle are reserved for TBIPOC. We also launched a youth microgrants initiative to ensure 20 grantees a month are youth ages 18-29 - as trans youth were politically targeted across the country.