ID Change Library

Since 2016, Microgrants has been working with community members, organizations, and volunteers to create a readily accessible database, holding all of the national information surrounding ID changes, in one place. We are proud to announce that all that hard work has paid off! We’d like to introduce the Advocacy Library.

This living library contains multiple tables, holding info ranging from Federal down to specific county information per state about name changes & gender marker changes on IDs. This is a community supported effort for both the general public and organizational purposes. We call it living because these processes and fees are subject to change at anytime. To help us keep this running, we’d love any input you may have on your state, city, or county. The more clarity we can create, the easier it will be for trans folks to change their IDs!

We’d like to thank our community for all the research, translation, and entry that it took to get this library up and running for the public. Your contributions are invaluable to the trans community’s well being. Special thanks goes to Miriam Gwilt, Kel Dae, and others.

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Federal Identification

Name Change Petitions

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