Microgrants Closed

The Microgrants application is currently closed

The application will always be open from 9am ET / 6am PT on the 1st, through 11:59pm ET / 8:59pm PT on the 14th

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Microgrants offers funding for court ordered name changes, passports, drivers license or state IDs, birth certificates, and Tribal IDS. At this time we are not able to offer assistance for housing, medical costs/HRT, and non-US residents’/non-US documents in most situations.

Please read our FAQ for questions you may have about applying or qualifying for a microgrant.

75% of microgrants each cycle are reserved for trans people who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color. Our application will first ask how you identify. You can learn more about our equity policy here.

We are working to make our application process more accessible to our community. If you have feedback on the application process, please let us know here!

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