Pride 2024 – Here To Stay!

The image shows three cartoon dragons on a blue to purple gradient background. The text in the middle says "Here to Stay! Pride 2024" The dragon on the left is a light blue color with purple wings and a purple belly. The middle dragon is green with a white belly and purple wings. The dragon on the right is purple with yellow wings and a yellow belly.

Claiming our legacy of transformation, power, and resilience.

55 years ago, TLGBQ+ individuals united at the Stonewall Inn, resisting discriminatory laws and police violence. Each June, we commemorate this pivotal moment, celebrating our identity and collective strength. Yet, our struggles extend far beyond Stonewall.

Today, many trans people face daunting choices, risking harm to live authentically. As we navigate these challenges, we draw on the lessons of our transcestors. History proves our resilience: from ancient times to the present, we’ve persistently existed, defying erasure.

Despite adversity, we stand as part of human diversity, challenging societal norms and asserting our right to exist. Our resilience reflects the human spirit’s strength, driving our unwavering pursuit of liberation.

In the fight for equality and acceptance, we remain steadfast. Trans people have always existed, and we’ll continue to thrive, proud and unapologetic.

A purple dragon with light blue wings and blue and pink accents on its body. The dragon appears to be happy and has a slight smile on its face. The dragon is sitting in a curled-up position, with its back to the viewer and its head turned slightly to look at them.
A purple dragon with yellow wings, yellow spikes on its back, and a white underbelly. The dragon has a friendly expression on its face and is looking towards the viewer. It has a long tail and a row of spikes running down its back.

Get Involved

This year’s Pride finds our community as vulnerable as ever to hate, transphobia, and discrimination. We rely on our community of supporters to keep our services running. There are several ways to support Trans Lifeline for Pride 2024.

Charity Gaming Streams

Throughout June our supporters in the gaming community have scheduled fundraising streams to benefit Trans Lifeline’s work. There are new streams every week so don’t miss out!


Trans Lifeline is primarily funded by individual donors; donations of all sizes are deeply appreciated and put to good use to help us deliver our lifesaving services to those who need them most. Recurring gifts are especially useful to provide a sustainable foundation today and into the future, as demand for our services increases.

  • $10 ensures Trans Lifeline can budget and plan for the year
  • $25 connects one trans person to the Hotline
  • $50 helps to cover the average legal fees to update an ID
  • $120 provides peer support from Trans Lifeline staff to one person to change their ID

Interested in fundraising for us? Download our fundraising graphics!

Find trans-friendly resources

Visit our resources page for trans-inclusive resources, guides, and organizations.