Statement on Palestine

June 28, 2024

We are deeply disturbed and heartbroken by the ongoing bloodshed in Gaza and the suffering of the Palestinian people who live there. As a trans-centered organization, our hearts especially ache for the queer and trans people of Gaza.  

The state of Israel is openly engaging in illegal settler colonialism, human rights violations, and war crimes—these actions are unconscionable and inhumane. Yet, our government refuses to hold Israel accountable for its violence. Compounding the horror of this moment, Islamophobia and antisemitism are spreading across our country in reaction to the war on Gaza.

Trans Lifeline firmly condemns war, genocide, and colonialism. As such, we stand with the people of Palestine in calling for a cease-fire and supporting the vision for a free Palestine. 

A Palestinian flag with the text "No Pride in Apartheid" written over the flag in a distressed, bold font. The Trans Lifeline logo appears in the top right corner.

If you find yourself struggling to come to terms with this stance or want to understand the history and context that inform it, please check out these Palestinian and Jewish organizations whose leadership we follow in this conversation:


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