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Inside Advocacy

Trans Lifeline’s Inside Advocacy project provides mutual aid to trans people that are either currently incarcerated or have been recently released. Trans people, especially trans people of color, face disproportionate rates of arrest, and often endure mistreatment, lack of access to medications or gender appropriate facilities, and physical and sexual trauma while incarcerated. We support prison abolition and until these violent institutions are dismantled, we are in deep solidarity with those still inside by offering tangible support. 

Inside Advocacy is created and directed by trans people who have been directly impacted by the carceral state, and exists because trans people impacted by the carceral state are the most vulnerable and cut off from resources.

To date, Inside Advocacy has served nearly 400 people by using our unique place in the trans liberation and suicide prevention movements to partner with organizations fighting injustice and advocating for our community on the inside.



Inside Advocacy offers the following support:

Commissary Funds -- Inside Advocacy was born out of trans folks’ needs for material support on the inside. Commissary funds cover the cost of basic necessities such as hygiene products, stamps to send letters, phone calls, books, and increased access to resources and support. Trans Lifeline provides commissary funds to trans people, in addition to letter writing and phone calls. This support reminds folks on the inside that they aren’t forgotten.

Holiday Commissary Campaign -- On Christmas day, several federal prisons waive the restitution & fees on commissary deposits, which allows us to directly give as much money as possible to folks on the inside, rather than to prisons. All funds raised by Trans Lifeline’s Holiday Commissary Campaign are directly distributed to trans people by our partner organizations support of trans people on the inside. Our campaign has recently grown to offer funds to organizations providing post release support.

Reentry Fund -- Trans Lifeline’s Inside Advocacy project provides $1,500 microgrants to recently released trans people to help them secure housing and meet other basic needs as they reenter. Along with the grant, we provide custom resource packets connecting people to services, providers, and trans community in their geographic area. 

Name Change Assistance -- We offer microgrants and navigation assistance to trans people on the inside to cover the costs of name  and gender marker changes on their legal documents. We offer free publicly available guides for each state on how to change one’s name for people with either a prior criminal record or who are currently incarcerated, as these processes are often much more difficult.

For further information on how to access these services, please email [email protected].


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Inside Advocacy has partnered with:

  • Austin Anarchist Black Cross
  • Queer Detainee Empowerment Project (QDEP)
  • Philly FIGHT
  • Houston Anarchist Black Cross
  • Frontera Immigration
  • Unstoppable
  • Transgender Gender-variant and Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP)
  • Trans Resource Center of New Mexico
  • Trans [email protected] Coalition
  • A.B.O. Comix
  • Tucson LGBTQ detainee Support Project
  • Trans Queer Pueblo
  • Diversidad Sin Fronteras