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Safe Supplies provides trans products to those who cannot safely get them. From one trans person to another, these supplies can go to a new home where they will be loved again.


  • The Solace app provides information and resources to guide transgender people through whatever process of gender transition they desire.
  • The TRACE app seeks to provide those in transition, the safest place to document and celebrate their journey among a trusted community of allies.

Chest Binding

Check out our Binding Guide for useful tips and where to buy or get a free binder. See also Callen-Lorde’s Safer Binding guide (PDF).

Names & Pronouns


The majority of these resources are not affiliated with Trans Lifeline and we can’t guarantee accuracy, services, or products. Community accountability is important, so if there’s something we should know about a resource listed here or if you’d like to recommend a resource, let us know.