TL honors a historic SCOTUS ruling for trans workers

TL honors a historic SCOTUS ruling for trans workers


Today, the Supreme Court ruled on behalf of LGBTQ workers in a ruling that prevented employers from firing LGBTQ people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Join us and movement leaders today at 4pm PT / 7p PT to celebrate and discuss the racial justice work ahead of us.

Today we honor Aimee Stephens, a transgender woman who was fired from the funeral home where she worked when she announced her transition. Our community lost Aimee just a few weeks ago, and we wish she could see what her perseverance achieved to ensure that trans workers were included in these baseline protections.

Today we celebrate this victory while knowing that especially during this pandemic, our hotline has been answering increased calls about the unemployment, underemployment, and employment discrimination our community faces – issues that disproportionately affect trans Black, Indigenous, and people of color communities.

Today we celebrate this victory because the Trump administration’s discriminatory Health & Human Services rule on Friday that attempted to roll back protections in health care for trans community is now void!
Today we honor Chase Strangio and Gabriel Arkles, the two trans attorneys on this case. In Chase’s words: “We won because Black and Brown trans people fought and died for us to live and fight.”

Please join us in celebrating this win in one hour, at 4pm PT / 7pm ET where our movement leaders, including our Executive Director, Rev. Elena Rose Vera will talk about what this means for our community, and the work we have left to do.

Two Black Trans women have been killed this week and our communities of color, particularly Black communities, face state and cultural violence daily. Black trans folks in our community live through structural racism every single day. Our movements must center ending these injustices in order to ensure Black trans folks have the safety, leadership, economic justice, and support to lead our path to trans liberation.

Remember our lines are open for Black trans folks who are dealing with grief, exhaustion, burnout, and violence – we are here to support you. We are here to celebrate these wins for our community together.
Let each and every one of us support the way forward for trans communities of color.

In love and rage,
Trans Lifeline


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