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La mayoría de los recursos enumerados aquí no están afiliados a Trans Lifeline, y no podemos garantizar la exactitud, los servicios o los productos. La responsabilidad de la comunidad es importante, así que si debemos saber algo sobre un recurso que aparece aquí o si deseas recomendarnos un recurso, háxznoslo saber.

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Alternatives to calling the cops and putting people into dangerous situations.
When it comes to your gender, nothing is disallowed, as long as you’re not hurting anyone.
Four non-binary people discuss the strategies they used when coming out to their loved ones.
Alaina Leary shares the messages she had to unpack and unlearn in order to come validate their trans and non-binary gender.
A genderqueer, non-binary person shares the strategies they used when coming out to coworkers, friends, family, & strangers.
Why you should buy disability insurance before gender confirmation surgery. Premiums, elimination and benefit periods, and exclusions.
What to look for in a PCP, which healthcare services different groups of trans patients need, what challenges to be ready for and more
Facilitates safe housing for trans & non-binary individuals leaving U.S. states with transphobic laws. Their goal is to connect trans people aged 18+ with volunteers in safe states who are willing to be their roommates.
Report authored by the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project that urges group care facilities to reassess their treatment of TGNC youth and to adopt policies and practices that provide these youth with appropriate, fair and equal care.