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Trans Lifeline Microgrants

Total Funds Disbursed To Date

Trans Lifeline’s Microgrant application cycle will temporarily pause from May 1st to May 31st. The next cycle opens on June 1st, 2020 at 9am Pacific/ 12pm Eastern.

Many civil courts, drivers licensing offices, and Social Security offices across the country are currently closed; others are not processing civil petitions, and passport applications are delayed. This means that many members of our community are unable to update their identifying documents and it’s one of the many ways that trans people are uniquely and disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

We will be pausing the Microgrants application while these closures are in full effect.

The good news is that this pause will not affect the number of microgrants we disburse in 2020.

This opportunity to slow down and reassess aligns with our intention to create more equitable practices of redistribution for these funds.

Our goal of limiting barriers to funds for trans and nonbinary people historically meant that funds were disbursed on first come first serve basis - no questions asked. This structure did not account for systemic barriers that TBIPOC (Trans Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities face in accessing these resources; in fact, this system replicates those barriers.

When the next application cycle opens, our new process will move TBIPOC to the front of the line and will improve access to our services.

Sign up to receive reminders when our application cycle reopens, and updates about how these changes will impact the application process.

If you’re a previous applicant or have made attempts to apply, we welcome feedback about your experience applying here. If you have any questions in the meantime, reach out to [email protected].

We are deeply committed to easing your ability to move through the world as your most authentic self. It is our honor to be in community with you as we navigate this uncertain and challenging time.

With big hugs and wishes for your wellbeing,
Trans Lifeline’s Microgrants Team


Trans Lifeline’s Microgrants Program provides direct financial and navigational support to trans people to update their legal name and/or gender on state and federal identification documents. Our Inside Advocacy project provides mutual aid incarcerated or recently released trans people.

Microgrants offers low-barrier funding for:

  • Passport
  • Driver's License OR State ID
  • Court Order Name Change
  • Immigration Documents
  • Tribal IDs

At this time we are not able to offer financial assistance for:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Medical needs or procedures
  • Housing

Our application limit has been reached. The application will re-open on June 1st at 12:00PM Eastern.

Microgrant applications open twice a month, on this page.
The 1st of every month at 9 AM Pacific / 12pm Easter
The 15th of every month at 3 PM Pacific / 6 PM Eastern
Currently, we disburse 35 microgrants per month.
Our wait list is currently around 3 months. We thank you for your patience as our team works to raise and disburse as many grants as possible

Due to high demand, we recommend that you sign up to receive an email reminder before each application cycle opens.

Microgrant recipients receive navigation support from program volunteers on fees, requirements, and paperwork specific to your state and county. We cut you a check for the entire cost of your fees, and we do not require any paperwork or documentation from grant recipients. Please note that we do not file paperwork for you.

Microgrants was founded in November 2016 as the Trans Assistance Project, and merged with Trans Lifeline in 2017.

Microgrants is unable to offer funding to Canadian citizens for ID documents at this time.