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Alternatives to calling the cops and putting people into dangerous situations.
From soft foods to getting extra pillows, people who have undergone FFS share their best recovery advice.
What to look for in a PCP, which healthcare services different groups of trans patients need, what challenges to be ready for and more
FORGE's guide addresses many of the specific questions trans survivors ask: how to decide if therapy is right for you and, if it is, how to choose the best type of therapy for you, and how to find referrals and choose a therapist.
AAKOMA builds the consciousness of youth of color and their caregivers on the recognition and importance of mental health, empowers youth and their families to seek help and manage mental health, and influences systems and services to receive and address the needs of youth of color.
A collective resource of abolition-centered, non-carceral care providers (therapists, social workers, peer supporters, healers) that are dedicated to providing care outside of oppressive systems.
The author, who is trans, shares their experience being misdiagnosed until discovering they have OCD.
Project LETS offers alternatives to self-harm.
Topics: Self-Care
Resources and programs to help people better understand and manage anxiety.
Topics: Self-Care
Service and advocacy organization supporting and empowering transgender women of color in Florida and Puerto Rico.