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Everything You Need to Know About HRT Resources, Microgrants, & Needs Self-Assessment

Everything You Need to Know About HRT Resources, Microgrants, and Needs Self-Assessment We believe that trans-affirming health care should be universally accessible, fully covered by insurance companies, with zero out-of-pocket cost to trans people. Until we build that world, we partnered with Folx Health to offer HRT Microgrants for a year’s worth of HRT coverage to 100 trans folks in 2021. Here’s your guide to those grants, how to self-assess if you should apply, and other resources for accessing HRT if you don’t get a grant this time: ABOUT HRT MICROGRANTS: Thanks to our generous partners, we’re able to offer 24 HRT Microgrants each cycle 2021 HRT Microgrant cycles open at 11:00am PT on the following dates: Mar 1 June 1 Sept 1 Dec 1 Everyone who needs trans care deserves it. We don’t have a committee to determine who is more or less deserving, so applications fill up on a first come, first serve basis - with 75% reserved for BIPOC (see our equity policy) Due to our community’s overwhelming need for trans-affirming medical care, the application usually fills up within a few seconds of opening Tip: Consider creating a reminder in your calendar for the upcoming cycles to log on when it opens HOW TO SELF-ASSESS YOUR NEED: HRT Microgrants are intended for people who have no other way of accessing HRT. 75% of grants are reserved for BIPOC trans folks, because we are ...

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Trans Lifeline’s Data During a Pandemic

by Oliver Stabbe Oliver Stabbe (he/him) is a volunteer at Trans Lifeline, a trans-run organization offering emotional and financial support to trans people across the US and Canada. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, Trans Lifeline operators have been fielding an increasing number of calls. As we listen and support our...

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Trans Community and COVID-19

Dear Trans Lifeline Community, We know a lot of trans people are facing real challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us have loved ones who are already sick, or are facing traumatic medical situations of our own. Many of us are having to scramble to change plans and...

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