Passing the Torch

Passing the Torch 3/11/2019Dear Trans Lifeline Community,This is a wonderful and bittersweet letter to write to you -- today, Trans Lifeline’s Board of Directors announces that as of March 15th, our Interim Executive Director, Sam Ames, will be stepping down from their work with Trans Lifeline and passing the torch to our Deputy Executive Director, Elena Rose Vera.For the past year, Sam Ames has served as our Interim Executive Director with Elena Rose Vera serving alongside them as Deputy. Sam and Elena both started at Trans Lifeline in a time of uncertainty, and in a time of increasing demand for our life-saving services.Since the beginning of their time with us, Sam held the mission of Trans Lifeline as sacred work; with Elena’s help, they helped the organization do deeply needed grounding work addressing our systems and culture, and they helped move us toward wholeness and sustainability.Sam also knew that the success of their time here depended on the ways the next Executive Director would be set up to serve. That’s why Sam has been working with Elena this year with the understanding that she would eventually take the reins. Their time together has been incredibly valuable, allowing for a depth of relationship building with staff, partners and key constituents, and a lived understanding of the organization.Throughout all of this, the Board of Directors has worked closely with both of them, and it has been an incredible ...

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Celebrating 50,000 Calls

Since we launched in late 2014, Trans Lifeline’s Hotline has fielded calls from all 13 provinces and territories in Canada, all 50 states in the United States, and 61 other countries alloverthe world. in that time, we’ve added staff, increased our capacity to serve our community, and worked with Contact USA to ensure that we’re meeting the highest standards for a peer support line--and they’ve accredited us! We’ve grown a lot over the years, but one thing hasn’t changed: we believe in offering the most authentic and respectful peer support possible.

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Microgrants Program Celebrates $100k in Disbursed Funds

As we welcome you to our new website, one that reflects the merging of two lifesaving projects into one exciting new vision, we would also like to welcome those who have not heard of our work! Microgrants is a project of Trans Lifeline, founded by and for the community. While our Hotline is working every day to support the emotional needs of the trans community, we are working to support the material needs that so often accompany them. Microgrants is the financial support arm of Trans Lifeline, where we are able to redistribute money to trans people who need it and offer encouragement, support, advocacy, and care in the most challenging times.

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Why No Non-Consensual Active Rescue?

That is of the most common questions we get from callers. And one of the most common questions we get from people who work in crisis intervention and the general public, is why our answer is generally no. We will only call authorities in three circumstances: if a caller asks us to, if there is a credible threat to a third party, or to comply with laws regarding suspected child abuse and neglect.

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Trans Lifeline Has New Leadership!

We believe in a future where trans people have the support they need and the access to resources they deserve. As an organization, we understand that we can’t make this future a reality without talented people working with and alongside us. And we are thrilled to announce that, after months of searching, we have found two incredible folks to join our executive team.

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